Citywide Parking Services offers a diverse catalog of parking solutions to cater to any challenge that a property can offer.


We provide a daily patrol service, checking on any vehicles illegally parked in your properties handicap spaces, vehicles parked in unauthorized areas, cars or trucks blocking driveways, vehicles taking up more than one space, and abandoned vehicles.  

We will work with you to make your property a safer and more attractive place for your residents/customers. We adjust our services to accommodate your needs.

Permit Patrol

Permit parking systems ensure that only residents and their registered guests will be able to park within the facilities. We work with your clients, leadership team, and security to effectively manage your permit system. 

We specialize in customizing parking programs to suit your property’s specific needs, including both physical and digital permitting systems.

Always On-Call

Citywide Parking offers On-Call Services for clients who would like to call in violations as they occur.  Our On-Call services are 24 hours a day.

By selecting an On-Call Service, property managers can also give residents the ability to request for a vehicle to be immobilized due to wrongfully parking in their paid reserved parking space, causing your clients to be assisted faster.

We are always just one call away.

Our Advantages

  • Eliminate parking violators from occupying your paying customers and residents parking spaces
  • Our 24 hour enforcement deters both car theft and home and business break-ins
  • Reduce overhead by avoiding valet or attendant staffing requirements
  • Recover any lost daily parking fees
  • Prevent theft by immobilizing any vehicles that are unauthorized or parked illegally
  • Utilize PDA devices to automate enforcement processes
  • 24/7 live operator call center
  • Optional video surveillance of your parking grounds
  • Technicians are trained to safely apply and remove immobilization devices to avoid property damage.
  • Superior enforcement through fast response time to immobilize multiple violators at any location
  • Handheld credit card processing machines for ease of payment
  • Custom parking enforcement plan for your community at no cost
  • Guide property managers through implementation of a permit parking system and tracking plan
  • Streamline and expedites the collecting of unpaid parking citations
  • CWP employees are professionally licensed technicians through the local city police department 
  • Employees educated in customer relations, passive dispute resolution and safety techniques
  • Dashboard cameras to record technician and customer interaction
  • Pictures are taken of all vehicles that have committed a parking offense