Citywide Parking Services

Citywide Parking Services is a full scale parking solutions service that offers vehicle immobilization, parking lot monetization, digital guest registrations, residential permitting, digital parking permits, gateless entry solutions, live-feed security camera setup/installation with monitoring services as well as custom signage creation and installation. We tailor our solutions to the unique needs of your property to the benefit of all of your guests.

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Who we serve.

Our current clients range from paid parking lot operators, Hotels, HOA’s, Restaurants, shopping centers and apartment communities.  

We specialize in assisting luxury properties as we provide a far superior customer service experience then our competitors.

Our Services

Our enforcement division offers the most cost effective source of parking enforcement in the security industry.  

100% of the cost is self-funded through the revenue exclusively collected from the boot removal fines charged to individuals that are booted for parking illegally or improperly.

Free yourself from parking headaches.